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Reframe Your Approach to Better Health: Lowering Standards for Sustainable Habits

When you're in a position of leadership not only do you have to look after your own health but you also take on a feeling of responsibility for the health of your team. The irony of this is of course that it causes you stress that takes from your health. Take a quick read of the guidance below to learn how lowering your standards when it comes to health might just be one of the best things you can do for you and your team.

Struggling to stick to better health habits?

Try This... Lower Your Standards.

Let's say that I really want to learn to drive. I want to learn to drive because it will provide independence and new opportunities for me. I feel really motivated about learning to drive and in my highly motivated state, I jump on the internet and sign up for the first driving course I come across. What I didn't fully understand was that I signed up for an intense off-road driving course. But it's a driving course and I'm really motivated to learn to drive so I'll do it anyway. Reading that story you think it's ludicrous and know it's leading nowhere.

Yet this is exactly what millions of people do day in and day out (especially around New Year) when it comes to their health. They want to be healthier, have more energy, lose weight, reduce pain, and increase longevity. But they're signing up for marathons, signing up to gyms they have no interest in going to, and going on extreme diets.

We've inherited this subconscious belief that being healthy is hard and that it can only be achieved through arduous training combined with dietary austerity. That then leads to people searching out the toughest regimes they can find to improve their health further validating that subconscious belief that health is hard and only the obsessed can achieve it.

Being healthy isn't hard. Trying to be healthy by following fitness regimes you have no interest in is. Lower your standards, be clear on what you want to achieve and CRYSTAL clear on why. Once you do that you'll naturally find the most appropriate route to your goal, and for 9/10 of you, it's not going to involve a gym, a road bike, or a marathon.


Mike Jones Better Happy Founder

Mike founded Better Happy in 2018.

He now works with a variety of businesses ranging from small accountancies up to large organisations such as Travelodge on improving employee happiness. Mike's vision and the vision of Better Happy is 'Every employee happy, every business thriving'

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