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We are an employee engagement and wellbeing consultancy helping businesses thrive through their people

Our Vision

"Every employee happy. Every business thriving."

We exist to solve workplace struggles and create a future where every employee, from the CEO to the team member, finds work enjoyable, rewarding, and supportive of good health.

Our vision is a future where successful businesses - powered by healthy, happy, and motivated employees - solve meaningful global issues through education and charitable giving.

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Our Mission

Offer a range of services and resources that enable optimal levels of team health, happiness and business growth in any business.

Our Story

In 2018 our founder Mike Jones began delivering-health based 90-minute workshops to companies such as Deloitte and South Hampton Football Club. 

After each workshop Mike was blown away by the positive feedback, but also the demand for more support and training. People desperately wanted to be healthier alongside work, were struggling, and found Mike's approach highly insightful.
Since that date, we've worked with thousands of teams across hundreds of big and small businesses across a wide range of industries. We have moved away from stand-alone workshops and developed the Better Happy Methodology that truly transforms individuals, teams and businesses.
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Our Logo

Engagement. Health. Perfectionism

The Better Happy logo demonstrates our ethos and approach.

For employees and businesses to thrive, just focussing on health is not effective. Employees need to feel valued at and energised by their work (engaged) as well as being healthy.

The two lines on our logo represent engagement and health working together.

We also believe in planning for perfect but accepting it rarely happens. The centre of our logo represents perfect health and engagement. The moving away and towards the centre demonstrates the ever-chaining nature of life and business. By having a plan for perfect, we can ensure we don't go too far off track for too long.

Our Values

Healthy - Happy - Determined 


It's essential that our teams, our clients and their people are aligned with our values.​ It's these values that enable us and our clients to create lasting, meaningful impact.
By approaching our lives, our work and businesses with our health and happiness as a priority we create optimal environment and people.
Happiness isn't found through simply feeling good, it's found through meaningful achievements, for which determination is required.
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Our Methodology

Health - Engagement - Performance

We exist to help people and businesses achieve life-changing results.

We don't exist to provide a short term feel-good boost or one off workshops to tick a box.

Life-changing results require a full solution. The Better Happy methodology has evolved from working with thousands of people and seeing the same challenges over and over again.

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Our Founder

"I started Better Happy not only because I could see a clear need for the service developing but also because I've experienced the challenges of being an employee, a business owner and a manager myself.

I've experienced being dis-engaged due to poor management in my military career, I've experienced burnout and poor health throughout owning my first business. I know that our approach to work combined with the environment we create in our businesses directly impacts how we feel and perform. 

I truly believe that, when done right, businesses are the future for healthier people and a better world. Most businesses and individuals have got all of the ingredients to thrive, they're just not utilising them. Helping them realise this and reap the benefits is what get's me out of bed every day."

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