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Let's Make Your Business A Happy Place To Work And Your Leaders Great People To Work For

Businesses that lead industries now and in the future are the ones who can attract and retain great people. Better Happy partners with you to make that a reality in months, not years.


All businesses and people are unique, but they also share many commonalities.


The HELPS model outlines the 5 key components modern businesses must implement and manage to attract & retain great employees and create a happy workplace.


This model is effective in businesses of any size, in any industry.

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The happy place to work takes a proactive approach to health and well-being. Good physical and mental health is promoted throughout the culture of the business. 


The happy place to work prioritises employee engagement as much as sales. People love working here, want to work hard for the business and care about its success. 


The happy place to work promotes great leadership. Leaders put an emphasis on looking after their health and protecting their work life balance alongside a great work ethic.


The happy place to work has a growth mindset culture where goals are constantly being achieved. Team are however, excellent at prioritisation, avoiding overwork and burnout.


The happy place to work has a clear, well communicated inspiring strategy. All teams are aware of the strategy and able to influence it through quarterly strategy sessions.



The Better Happy process is a suggested end to end solution for businesses and their people. Some business use the whole service, some businesses choose the parts they are most in need of at the time then add others on at a later date.

When working with us a Better Happy Partner will take time to get to know more about you, your people, your business/department and goals. From here tailored solutions are suggested.


Find out more about Better Happy and the services we provide to help you in our brochure. 

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Our Goal Is Simple

Every employee happy, every business thriving. We partner with you to make creating a culture of health and high performance a reality. We get this in place to skyrocket your retention, productivity and profit levels. No matter the size or industry of your business, you can count on Better Happy.

Let's Chat - Request A Call

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Bespoke employee wellbeing & engagement services unlike any other

We work closely with out clients and their people to achieve a range of engagement and wellbeing goal including increasing employee NPS levels, increasing motivation levels and making employers more attractive to potential new talent. We have lots of experience helping businesses their teams and people across a wide range of sectors to become outstanding employers that truly care about and invest in their people.


Our experience in health, engagement and business enables us to be effective in designing and delivering training that your people actually enjoy and that creates sustainable change in your organisation. We are focussed on improving productivity and team work, decreasing sickness and increasing retention so your people and your organisation can truly thrive.


We continually adapt our approach by listening to each and every one of our clients and participants. We look forward to helping your people and your organisation grow by taking advantage of the engagement and wellbeing opportunity.


Having "Better Happy" working with our organisation has added so much value in so many ways. Mike and Neil are so passionate about having an impact and they have definitely done that, we have revised the way we work, rewritten our vision and mission statements and are in the process of setting our OKRs. Already, my staff feel happier at work which has significantly improved the energy and performance across the whole business. I am grateful to have you involved with us and appreciate you both going above and beyond!!!

Steve Dixon




Mike and the Better Happy team are simply outstanding and the work they have done with Travelodge has been utterly transformational.  The time that Mike takes to really understand a business, to fully engage the leadership team in the flow and the design of the workshops and to challenge my thinking as the Head of an HR team to think about what the tangible outcomes need to be, is why the end product is so incredibly well received and so thoroughly enjoyable to be involved in.  I would highly recommend Better Happy to anyone who cares about their people enough to make a difference that really matters.

Dan Curtis

Head of Talent 



Better Happy delivered a number of workshops for our growing team during September. We began the process by Better Happy surveying the staff (anonymously) to get an understanding of the team and how they are feeling not just at work but outside work too. With this important info, they tailored sessions for each of our staff in small 'mixed' groups. They absolutely nailed the brief, staff came away with their own insights into how they tick and got some practical health advice & tips along the way.

The interactivity kept the staff engaged and the feedback has been amazing.

Matt Nicol

Managing Director


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