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Process for a Successful Mind

You've got visions and dreams that you want to achieve. You know you have all the opportunity you need to make it happen but day after day, week after week it's not coming to fruition. You might be making progress, but you're not enjoying that progress. You can feel overwhelmed and frustrated with yourself.

I can write about this feeling well because I've spent a lot of my life there. Knowing that I have so much to give, a difference to make. But feeling constantly stressed and frustrated at my inability to make it happen. Feeling frustrated at my lack of progression towards my version of success.

Then I got to thinking, why do some people seem to make it look easy. Why do some people just seem to take the right risks, make the right decisions, get better results faster and actually seem to be enjoying the whole thing a lot more than me. Why do some people have that magical combination of Less Stress More Success?

What is their secret? It's their mind.

I remember the first time I started to come to this realisation was when I had my first ever meeting with a business coach. His name was Simon and I liked him from the second I met him. He had everything a person with less stress and more success needs. He knew his stuff, he was a very cool guy, nothing stressed him and he was cool as a cucumber about everything. He had the ability to turn every aspect of business we discussed into a deep and motivational philosophical lesson. But this is the key thing he taught me that made me start to realise how much the mind affects success.

"To be successful in business you need to have an abundance mindset Mike".

He didn't say you need to have loads of money behind you, sell the prefect product or provide the perfect service. He said you need to have the right mindset.

Why is it that when faced with a decision one person gets excited about the potential opportunity whilst the other get's worried about possible risk. Who do you think is less stressed, makes stronger decisions and gets further in life?...

Now, I'm not suggesting we should ignore potential risks and become blindly positive to be more successful and happy in life (although as the saying goes ignorance is bliss), what I am highlighting is that the major difference between those that are successful and those that aren't is their minds.

And here's the good news, we can literally change our minds. Just like we change our bodies through exercise we can change our minds and thought patterns through concentrated effort.

That's great but where the hell do we even start?

That's why I created this flow chart.

Successful Mind Flow Chart
Better Happy Successful Mind Flow Chart

If you've got a vision, and your driven to achieve it (whether that be a business vision, a personal project or your life as a whole) but you know you keep getting in your way, use this chart to help you understand where things are going wrong and how to address it.

Hope it helps.

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