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Managing Health and Burnout: A Guide for Managers - Video 3 of the Happier Managers Video Series

Transcript from Video

Hi. It's Mike here from Better Happy. We're on video three of the happy manager video series.

And again, today, we're gonna go overall. So we're gonna think the big pitch and we're gonna talk a little bit about mindset and there's a coin turn that I'd like you to take away from today from this video and that is the concept of being sensibly selfish. This is probably one of the most well-resonated terms that I share with people in workshops.

It always seems to really resonate with with with work in professionals. So when we talk about being sensibly selfish, this is the idea in the mindset of making time for yourself and what's important for you, including your health and your hobbies, and your alone time so that you can be the most effective person you can be. Because what we find a lot of the time is that we really want to please people and we really want to look after others.

We want to be incredible professionals. We want to be the world's best parents.

We wanna be the world's friends. We wanna be there for all of our friends and family.

So we naturally just sacrifice ourselves on the priority list for time with others and for giving to others. But what this leads to over time is a slow decline in our health, a slow decline in our energy, and we just start to feel a bit crap over the years. And when we look at it and when we dissect it, we find that it's because we're just constantly dropping ourselves

down the priority list to look after other people, to provide for other people, to help our staff,

whatever it might be. And it's very natural. It's a very human desire to wanna help others.

So what we need to remind ourselves of, especially as people leaders are being sensibly selfish. And this helps you kind of hack yourself and defeat your future self.

You know that you're a good person. You know that you wanna care for others and you know that tends to lead to you neglecting the things that are important to you because actually, it feels more comfortable and nicer to go and do the nice things right now.

But you also know that that is slowly making you not be the person you wanna be. And eventually, it's probably gonna lead to not living as long as you probably should. So need to remind ourselves on a daily and weekly basis to be sent to be selfish. It doesn't come naturally. But if I make time for myself, that's gonna help me feel better about myself, potentially live longer, and be a better person. Okay? If I'm sacrificing myself for my staff,

or if I take time for myself, then it's gonna help me feel happier and be better for my stuff.

Perhaps it's because I'm a parent. Well, if I take time for myself, I'm actually gonna have better health, better energy, and feel better about myself. be a better parent and hopefully be around longer as well. So it's a really important concept to being centrally selfish.

And what I would suggest is writing it down on a piece of paper every day for at least thirty days. So how am I being sensibly selfish today until it becomes a habit?


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Mike Jones Better Happy Founder

Mike founded Better Happy in 2018.

He now works with a variety of businesses ranging from small accountancies up to large organisations such as Travelodge on improving employee happiness. Mike's vision and the vision of Better Happy is 'Every employee happy, every business thriving'

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