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Being busy and not making decisions will stop you being successful

Driven people live with a common curse. Being super hard working and passionate but constantly frustrated and stressed.

Why? Because they haven’t learnt how to harness that power. Because although they are super excited about what they can achieve in their lives and their ability to achieve it through a ridiculous hard work ethic… they aren’t exactly sure how they are going to do it.

They’re working towards success, but because they are so driven to jump in and get it done, they don’t quite know where they are headed. In fact, more often than not, they’re not 100% sure exactly who they are and what they excel at. 

When you don’t know exactly who you are and where you are headed, you struggle to make decisions, to gain traction, to find balance , to manage time and most importantly to achieve the success you deserve. You go through life grinding and achieving, but you always know that it could be better and that you are capable of so much more.

I should know, I spent many years of my life in that place. 5 years in the military in a job that didn’t fulfil me. 5 years in a business working 18 hours a day feeling overwhelmed and trapped. Both times, driven by hard work and desire… driven to stress and burn out.

We live in an incredible time of opportunity. The solution to every problem we encounter on our journey to success is available. It couldn’t be any easier to find the support, knowledge and expertise to create our own perfect versions of success with the internet. So why do some people find it and make success look easy, whilst others, like me for so many years, stay stuck in worry, stress and indecision hiding behind just working hard. We can get so stuck in this rut that, even though our businesses or careers may be improving, we feel unhappy. We struggle to balance the different areas of our lives, we feel the weight of responsibility instead of the joy of being able to provide and we let our health slip. 

Because of us.

Because, at some point in our lives we’ve developed incorrect thinking patterns that hold us back, that tell us it’s better to stay safe where we are than make changes because we might make a wrong decision. I can tell you, from personal experience, that not making changes is a decision in itself. It’s the decision to stay where you are, unhappy, unfulfilled or knowing that you’re not getting the most out of yourself because that’s a little less uncomfortable than actually making a change and 'maybe' getting something wrong.

“But what if I make a bad decision”. Again, the worst decision is staying where you are unhappy. There’s no such thing as failures, only results. If you make a decision and it doesn't provide the desired result, learn from it then try again. The world’s most successful people didn’t get to where they are by not making mistakes, they got to where they are by being willing to make ‘mistakes’ in order to learn and get to where they want to go. They're more motivated by success than they are worries about mistakes or worried about other peoples opinions.

The fear of failure, the fear of making decisions and or the fear of making change in case it’s wrong or what other people might thing is holding you back from living your best life. Remember, I’m talking from over 10 years of personal experience.

The ideal solutions to any problems you face, to any challenges you have blocking your path to success are out there right now. You need clarity of vision to know where you want to go and what solutions look like the most appropriate. You need the personal confidence to commit to getting that help, learning that new skill, following that new habit and you need the consistency to follow it through. 

The root of all if not most of our ongoing issues is ourselves. When we know who we are, what makes us tick, where we want to go (and where we don’t want to stay), how to look after ourselves and how to make our goals feel manageable as a part of a balanced life we learn to love almost every day and achieve our goals in all areas of our lives.

That’s why our program, coaching and community focus on you. If you’re not in the right mindset and the right place, with a vision your genuinely passionate about (everyone has one) you’re not going to take advantage of the abundance of opportunities you have to excel, you’re going to say stuck in a comfortable uncomfortable place.

I haven’t written this to sell you onto our coaching, I’ve written it to help you see that everything you need is out there. No person should stay stuck in an unfulfilled place, no person should not feel like they are fully maximising their potential. Some have better starts in life than others, some have more support and encouragement than others, but with the internet and modern technology most of us have more than enough opportunity to craft our lives into our own unique version of success.

If you want to have a chat with me about our coaching or with help finding the right coaching/support/education/connections you need in the area you need to improve then please don’t hesitate to reach out with a comment, on social media or by booking on to my calendar for a chat.

Mike Jones - Better Happy Coach

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