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5 Simple Steps to develop your managers/leaders and create the best culture in your industry.

My Promise to You:
Nothing boring, nothing complicated, genuinely insightful

Price: £0
Where: Zoom - Live
Date: Thurs May 4th
Time: 11am GMT

Presented By Mike Jones
Better Happy Founder
Ex Army Intelligence

Most businesses see employee health and engagement as a challenge to overcome. You’ll come out of this workshop seeing it as an opportunity to be grasped.

Some of our clients and contributions...

When Your Leaders & Managers Struggle, Your Entire Workforce Struggles..



Your managers are passionate hard workers (that’s why you promoted them) but in the management role this is going against them.

This workshop will help you help your managers get better results without working more.



Your managers neglect their health for work and others. And they get older this limits their performance, impacts their mental health and creates the wrong culture.

You will learn a simple way to use your business to improve health (no apps, no software, no complexity) 



Your managers struggle with the shift to being strategic. They don’t make time for planning with their teams which leads to low team engagement and high team turnover.

Insights and easy to implement tools to change this instantly, driving up both manager and team engagement.

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to”
- Sir Richard Branson

Is This For Me?

This workshop is tailor made for people leaders in business. If you are responsible the development and or performance of people this workshop will provide you with a ton of value. Typically the people that attend our trainings are:

✅ Heads of People
✅ Heads of Teople
✅ Heads of L&D
✅ Heads of Culture
✅ Employee Engagement Lead

✅ MDs & CEOs
✅ Team Leaders
✅ Managers
✅ Small Business Owners
✅ Employee Experience Professionals

Want To Fix People Issues? 
Develop Your Managers

  • 40-80% Of Managers Receive No Development 

  • Employees Are 3x More Likely To Be Engaged At Work If Their Manager Is Engaged At Work

  • 43% of managers report being burned out in 2022 (record high)

  • Only 9% Of UK Employees Are Engaged At Work

  • Companies Across The Board Are Struggling With Productivity, Retention & Talent Attraction

But How Do You Develop Your Managers? 
How Do You Create An Engaging Environment?
With The
HELPS Method



Learn the simple, effective, proven way to support manager health and in turn the health of your wider workforce



Understand the simple systems ANY business can implement to drive high levels of manager and employee engagement



Get tools for you and your managers that enable you to lead without sacrificing your health and self



Learn why most managers fall into overwhelm and the simple way you can support them towards high performance without burnout



Learn why most managers fall into overwhelm and the simple way you can support them towards high performance without burnout

40-80% of managers receive no development. 43% of managers are suffering burnout in 2022. Are you developing your managers so they stay, or letting them quietly struggle?

You Will Learn:

  • The simple way to prevent manager burnout

  • How to create industry leading levels of employee engagement (without software or apps)

  • How to create industry leading levels of employee wellbeing (without software or apps) 

  • How to create a culture that attracts and retains the best talent in your industry

  • How to create a culture of innovation and performance without the burnout

Your Host - Mike Jones

  • Founder of Better Happy & HELPS method

  • Ex army intelligence attached to special forces

  • Lived on monasteries in Nepal & Thailand

  • Experienced burnout in first business

  • Worked with 1000s of Managers

  • Over 5000 hours coaching

  • Featured by LinkedIn News, Metro and other publications 


Attend the workshop and get a FREE digital copy of "The Leaders Guide To Optimal Employee Engagement & Health"! This guide has links to tools and assets that your managers can implement to reap immediate results. In addition, the guide includes the acclaimed Better Happy Workplace Mobility System, used by over 200 managers and their teams.

"If you take care of your employees they will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself" - J.W. "Bill" Marriot

Free 60 Minute Workshop

Learn the simple 5 part method to become the best place to work in your industry.

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Workshop Booking

Mike and the Better Happy team are simply outstanding and the work they have done with Travelodge has been utterly transformational. 

Dan Curtis, Head of Talent

Brought To You Buy Better Happy
Promoting Business For Good

We founded Better Happy in 2018 with goal of addressing the employee wellbeing problem.
From the amazing support and feedback received over the years our vision has developed into:
"Every employee happy, Every business thriving"
We also believe that business can and should be used for good. When they are employees are more engaged, it's easier to attract new talent and most importantly, your business makes the world a better place.
Better Happy are proud partners of B1G1 (Buy 1 Give One).  This enables us to make a difference to those less fortunate and see the impact our support makes. For very workshop hosted we donate to one of our causes.

Please check out B1G1 at to find out how your business can do more good in the world.

Are You Ready To Become The Best Place To Work In Your Industry?

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