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Better Happy enable managers and employees to improve health, engagement and performance levels - long term


Our Purpose

We founded Better Happy to help individuals, teams and organisations grow together.

Most organisations see engagement and well-being as a challenge and constantly struggle with partial solutions. After working with Better Happy organisations utilise these as opportunities.  

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Three Simple Questions

All of our training and resources are designed to ensure the answer is yes to three simple questions



Do I (and my team) feel valued in my work and emotionally committed to the company?



Do I (and my team) know how to improve or maintain my health alongside my life and job?



Am I (and my team) able to complete my work to a high standard without sacrificing my work-life balance?

How we help you become a leading employer 



We take time to understand your organisation, vision for your people and challenges.



We enable you to create an incredible culture by training your people in the Optimise.



Ongoing support to help your people spread and maintain a healthy, engaged high performance culture.


Our one of a kind personal development program for professionals 

Everybody wants to be healthy, happy and high performing, but that’s become increasingly challenging in the modern world.

The optimise program enables organisations to turn this challenge into an opportunity, by providing their managers and employees with the training and support they need to thrive in these areas.

One of a kind training delivered in small groups

Our coaches bring different members of your teams together in a small group setting to combine cross department collaboration with an intimate learning experience. This setting alone improves engagement levels among attendees whilst allowing ideas and experiences to flow.

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3 full training days with 1 month integration between

The optimise program has been designed to combine learning, collaboration, integration and shared experience. Your participants complete tasks with their colleagues between workshops. They bring back their insights and share best practice leading to wide positive cultural change.

Total solution for optimal performance

No more purely reacting to poor health and engagement levels, no more one off workshops that go nowhere and constantly searching for different providers. Participants of the Optimise cover everything needed to promote health, engagement and sustainable performance. 

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Having "Better Happy" working with our organisation has added so much value in so many ways. They are so passionate about having an impact and they have definitely done that, we have revised the way we work, rewritten our vision and mission statements and are in the process of setting our OKRs. Already, my staff feel happier at work which has significantly improved the energy and performance across the whole business. I am grateful to have you involved with us and appreciate you going above and beyond!!!

Steve Dixon


Changes UK


Mike and the Better Happy team are simply outstanding and the work they have done with Travelodge has been utterly transformational.  The time that Mike takes to really understand a business, to fully engage the leadership team in the flow and the design of the workshops and to challenge my thinking as the Head of an HR team to think about what the tangible outcomes need to be, is why the end product is so incredibly well received and so thoroughly enjoyable to be involved in.  I would highly recommend Better Happy to anyone who cares about their people enough to make a difference that really matters.

Dan Curtis 

Head of Talent



Mike delivered a number of workshops for our growing team during September. We began the process by Better Happy surveying the staff (anonymously) to get an understanding of the team and how they are feeling not just at work but outside work too.

They delivered training to our entire team across a week. They absolutely nailed the brief, staff came away with their own insights into how they tick and got some practical health advice & tips along the way.

The interactivity kept the staff engaged and the feedback has been amazing.

We plan to continue working with Better Happy for the staff to develop further.

Matt Nicol 

Managing Director


Organisation with high engagement benefit from

21% Higher Productivity

65% Less Employee Turnover

37% Less Absenteeism

What our clients participants learn?

Our one of a kind training is designed to give your people all of the inspiration, ingishts and tools they need to create a healthy, engaged high performing culture

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I came across Better Happy at a perfect opportunity.  I was working with companies that were seeking to recover from Covid.  I explored the Better Happy system and had a great discussion with Mike.  This led to me becoming a customer.

I have now used Better Happy for two very different clients that I am working with.  They have both loved it and found Mike informative, inspiring and brilliant at understanding them and what they need to do to develop their teams.

Highly recommended

Mark Copsey

Managing Director

RedKite Business Consultants


What a refreshing way to help our team! Mike did a super job. The team gelled so well and most of all everyone just played along and got so much from it. If you look for ways to better engage your team you must speak to Mike

Pierre De Wet 


Art of Clean


Mikes ability to see the bigger picture, adapt their vision and delivery to suit our requirements has helped us as an organisation immeasurably. Their insight, drive, passion and determination to bring measurable change to the way we do things has instigated our leadership team to look at how we engage with one another and improve both our productivity and our cohesion. Mike is perhaps one of  the most genuine, authentic, heart driven change makers of todays business strategy activists! We are forever changed and consider them to be an integral part of the wider Changes UK family!

Nic Romano 


Changes UK

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Our Approach

We believe that by helping individuals, teams and businesses grow together we're making the world a better place, so it's important to us that we provide a service that delivers sustainable results.

We only work with clients who want to genuinely develop their people, not just put on a feel good workshop.

Therefore we do not sell any services to potential new clients until after an initial consultation. This consultation is free and helps us establish if we're a good fit.

Feedback from participants

"I'm not sure if our teams will engage in this type of development program"... is a common concern.

We get it. We know that most engagement/wellbeing initiatives suffer from low takeup.

This is most often for two reasons.

1) The training is pitched at the completely wrong level (yoga instead of movement for example)

2) The training is a short term feel good not a long term solution

At Better Happy, we ensure this isn't the case. Businesses & employees love our training. Our trainings have an average NPS of 8+. 

It's daunting to begin with thinking you're going to have to air all your problems in front of your colleagues and bosses. But actually it's not like that at all. The team are so welcoming and warming and they have given me tools to make myself a better person, mentally and physically and opened my eyes to a whole new strategy of thinking.

The engagement section really interested me and it's given me a lot to think about for my team. It's something you are aware of as a manager but until you properly sit down and really think about it, the importance can get a bit lost.

It was different from most courses I've been on in the last couple of years - I liked that it focused on me/us most of the time and the most valuable thing I took was to be reminded that being both physically and emotionally healthy is going to contribute massively to a better working performance.

It was really positive, I enjoyed the content Mike delivered but I also found it valuable to connect with colleagues from other departments.

Great mix of physical, theory and practical elements. Really enjoyed the day, and keen to see through the challenges

Best course I have been on in 16 years. Great day

Really useful to understand importance of mental wellbeing to support engagement and productivity, feels like [Company removed] care about its people.

Extremely well thought out and organised. Great group and I enjoyed getting to know my fellow colleagues.

Really good and useful and like the blended approach of the 3 areas

We are all busy but investing in days like this will have such a huge payout for both personal and work life. I would advise anyone who gets an invite to grab this opportunity with both hands

I really enjoyed the training. It was a good use of time which will hopefully be carried through into the ways of working within the teams within [company name removed].

I was worried about the movement section but I surprisingly enjoyed it and learnt a lot from it. It was a really good group of people and I think everyone got the chance to speak and felt comfortable doing so. There are things that I will definitely take away from the day and implement in 'real life', especially with my team.