We Help Small Business Owners Enjoy Their Businesses And Scale Through Happy People

by helping you implement systems that enable you, your employees and your business to grow whilst improving health and happiness.

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As small business owners, we know how it feels to:

Still be working 40+ hours a week

Have employees leaving unexpectedly

Worry about the health of you and your team

Not know how to motivate your team

It can be better, with Better Happy.

Empower your team and free up your time

Develop a motivated team that performs without you

Create great business life balance

Make your business a sellable asset

Ensure you and your people enjoy good health 

"Grow your business faster by making it a healthier happier place for you and your employees"


We've helped our clients improve their lives, their employees lives and their businesses


How does it work?..

1. Take the test

Take five minutes to get your happy business score. This tells you and us what's going right and wrong in your business

2. Book a free strategy call

A 45 minute strategy call to help you gain clarity on the exact next steps you should be taking to improve your business through your people

3. Consult, Launch & Maintain

We'll work with you to create, launch and maintain an employee experience so you can have a better life, better team and better business