Happy People Make Better Business


We develop custom programs to achieve sustainable change,
by elevating your team's engagement, wellbeing and happiness levels.


Real People

A team of people, dedicated to the people on your team. No automated software or subscriptions.


Full System

An all in one, sustainable solution to end your health & engagement headaches for good.



Track results, develop insights, adapt to outcomes, celebrate successes.


No Fluff

Real, practical, useful training that your people can relate to... no yoga pants here.

Everything You Need

Everything about our workshops is designed for sustainable change in your Workplace.

You and your Team will get supporting resources to enable Long Term Habit Change in all areas of your lives as well as creating better environments.

Measurable Results

Take the guess work out of it.

You and your team will get lifetime access to our

Happiness Score Survey so you can track the health and happiness 

of Yourself and Your People.

Delivered With Purpose

Neil Cleaver, Mike Jones and Laura Jeffreys are experienced business owners, team leaders and learning and development professionals. They've been working with Organisations big and small for over 20 years and love nothing more than helping Organisations grow and measurably thrive through the transformation of their People.

We'd love to chat with you & hear more about your unique team & the challenges you face.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know that making decisions can be difficult when running businesses & teams... but we also know there's nothing more Important to your Organisation than your People.


So we want to make this decision easy for you. If you don't feel 100% satisfied in your experience of working with us... or don't feel that you've measurably improved in the areas below, we'll refund you with NO HASSLE

Money Back.001.png

Let's Make The Right Decision Easy For You


Results & Benefits

Save Thousands, Grow 3 x Faster, Enjoy It More

Money Talks

Organisations With Highly Motivated Employees Earn An Average Of 3 x More Revenue Per Year Than Those Without.

Engaged Employees Create Revenue = 2.5x More

Stand Out

Only 1 in 12 Employees In The UK Are Highly Engaged In Their Work. Get Ahead Of The Game With Our Solutions.


Reclaim Time Through Decreased Sick Days, Decreased Presenteeism And Empowered Employees Better Managing Themselves. 

Talent Attraction/Retention

Your Growth Minded Motivated Culture Attracts & Retains The Best Talent. People Want To Be A Part Of It.

Average Recruitment Bill = £3000

Decreased Absenteeism

Creating A Positive Health Conscious Culture Of Open Communication Signficantly Reduces Sick Days.

20% Reduction in Avg 10 person Business = £3850

Decreased Presenteeism

Presenteeism (Sickness Or Inability To Fully Function Whilst At Work) Costs More Than 3 x That of Absenteeism.

 20% Reduction in Avg 10 person Business = £3850

Luke Cotterill


"Mike and Neil gave our team the confidence to be healthy and try new methods of achieving a healthy balanced lifestyle, in our office and personal environments."

Ruth Bourne

Naric UK

"Delivered with passion and knowledge, excellent materials, holistic and extensive. Better Happy are as passionate as they are knowledgeable."

Sarah Titherington


"I thought the workshops were brilliant.

In my opinion, the guys delivered everything at the right level and managed to engage with everyone. We all thoroughly enjoyed the process."


Build a motivated, healthy, high-performing team today.

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