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better happy

The UK's First Happiness System


Providing individuals and organisations with total health and happiness education based on insights from the Worlds longest lived, healthiest people.

Benefits To Individuals

  • Improve your health and happiness

  • Target areas to make you happier

  • Measure your progress

  • Make long term lasting change

Benefits To Organisations

  • Fewer staff sick days

  • Improved employee engagement

  • Improved employee productivity​

  • A healthier, more inclusive culture

  • Low cost / high return investment



The UK's first full health and happiness incubation course. 

Providing INDIVIDUALS and ORGANISATIONS with the essential knowledge and skills needed to live their healthiest, happiest lives.


Powerful Insights, Powerful Data, Powerful Results


Something To Make Everybody Happy

Courses, Workshops And Installations To Make Individuals and Organisations Happier

Happiness Workshops

Bringing Organisations together like never before. Our highly engaging live or virtual workshops are guaranteed to get your team energised, engaged and, most importantly, happier.

"I thought the workshop was brilliant"

"In my opinion, the guys delivered it at the right level and managed to engage with everyone.

We all thoroughly enjoyed it."


Human Resources, Pilkington Glass

"I realised that I'd been wasting a lot of time"

"I realised that I'd been worrying about the wrong things and waiting for things to sort themselves out. The part around mindset has been like a breath of fresh air. For the first time in ages I have a plan and the feeling of moving forwards"


Private Client

Movement Stations

Ensure that your workplace supports health and happiness. Our simple installs provide an elegant solution to help your people maintain happy hips, backs and necks and avoid muscular skeletal issues.

"It's created such a great buzz around the office"

"The team can't walk past the Movement Station without having a quick go"

"There's something for all abilities. It's a great way to clear your head for 10 minutes as well."


Owner, EML

Our Happy Customers

Individuals, Businesses, Charities And The Public Sector - Everybody Is Better Happy!

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