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Why Small Businesses Create Burnt Out Owners And Demotivated Employees

Author: Mike Jones

Burnt out owners. Lowly motivated staff.

These are two of the most common struggles that plague small businesses (and big businesses!)


The vicious cycle of no/low Strategy

The average person spends 1/3 of their entire life working - 1/2 of their life that isn't sleeping.

Humans crave meaning and purpose in their lives. A significant portion of this needs to come from work/business.

A business owner has a clear vision of what they want to achieve and how. This is their meaning and purpose at work (1/2 of their life, remember).

This becomes a negative when they burn out because they're so passionate they do too much of it themselves.

They don't see how others can do it as well as them and don't utilise their teams enough.

Employees in a small business find their meaning and purpose by supporting the business's vision.

They become demotivated because the owner doesn't communicate a strategy or involve them in bigger picture planning. They feel like they're just doing a job that they can't connect to the bigger picture.

At Better Happy, we focus a lot on health and wellbeing for business growth.

But more often than not, one of the significant factors affecting the health and wellbeing of the owner and the employees is the owner working too much and not being strategic enough.

We get it. We've been there and got the tee-shirt.

You're passionate, self-motivated, driven, and sometimes it just feels quicker to do it yourself.

But to truly achieve business success in a way that contributes to your life, the lives of your team, and ultimately your customers (you can't help them if your business closed because you burnt out), you have to shift from being a doer to being a strategic leader.

Your family, your team and your future you will thank you for it.

How are you doing with your business strategy right now? Find out in less than 5 minutes by answering a few questions. Click the image below.

About Mike: Mike believes that a structured pathway to health and happiness is the solution to individual, business and global challenges. Mike was never made to feel good in the schooling system, experienced poor management in military and burn out in his first business. Seeing these problems were widespread Mike Co-Founded Better Happy to help other business owners and employees achieve their visions faster with health and happiness.

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