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Wellbeing isn't a business problem..

Author: Mike Jones

To understand and address wellbeing we need first to recognise that it's not a business problem but a nationwide problem.

I won't beat around the bush; the reason wellbeing is climbing higher up the business agenda is because it's reached a point where it costs businesses more money than can be ignored.

The reason it's becoming such a widespread problem is predominantly due to the society and culture we all live in.

Our lives are more sedentary, we all have addictive digital devices in our pockets, processed food is readily available and cheap and we compare ourselves to more people than ever before.

It's normalised to be unhealthy, and people have so much choice they don't know where to begin when they want to improve their health.

Businesses aren't responsible for this, but they can play a vital role in changing it.

I believe the key to changing this is normalising and prioritising the pursuit of good wellbeing in our businesses.

About Mike: Mike believes that a structured pathway to health and happiness is the solution to individual, business and global challenges. After spending years struggling to balance work and wellbeing Mike founded Better Happy to address the challenge.

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