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The Silent Threat to Your Business: Preventing Manager Burnout Through Training and Support

How would you feel if 56% of your managers handed in their resignations or long-term sick notes tomorrow? How would that affect your business/department?

I'm guessing it would be catastrophic. It's unlikely to happen, but over the course of 1-2 years, it's more than likely. When lots of bad things happen at once, we feel a need to address them, but when they are spread over a longer time period, we pay less attention to them, even though the negative results are the same. If you woke up tomorrow 2 stone heavier with 30 less energy, you'd be distressed and do something about it. Yet if you gradually put on 2 stones over 2 years and your energy levels gradually decline, you don't notice or feel any major need to address it.

Data from Slack last year showed that self-reported manager burnout was at a record-breaking 44%. This is only going to increase over the coming years as technology continues to speed up and the responsibilities of managers continue to increase.

It happens because your managers receive little to no training on how to prevent burnout in the manager role. You might assume that because they thrived in team member roles, they will be just fine in the manager role, but that's a poor assumption. Manager burnout doesn't happen quickly; it's a slow burn. Your managers won't even know they're going through it until it's too late. It's a vicious circle. As they start to become overwhelmed, they will try to make up for it by working more, which leads to them being more overwhelmed. Being more overwhelmed leads to them neglecting their teams and strategy time, so results start to drop off. As results start to drop off, the already overwhelmed manager starts to doubt their ability and feel bad about themselves.

The combination of overworking and chronic stress created by the nagging inner voice telling them they're not doing a good job eventually leads to burnout. Once they hit full burnout, they're unlikely to come back to the business. Before they hit burnout, their confidence and productivity are shot for months, which is bad for them, bad for their teams, and bad for business. Here's the most insane part - you can prevent this with around 1-4 days a year of training and support. If you want to get ahead of the curve with manager burnout in your department or business, it starts with a 90-minute workshop. In 90 minutes, I'll create a mindset shift in you and your people that dramatically reduces the risk of burnout - if it doesn't, you don't pay a penny - nothing to lose. The time to address burnout is now - stop surviving, start thriving.



Mike Jones Better Happy Founder

Mike founded Better Happy in 2018.

He now works with a variety of businesses ranging from small accountancies up to large organisations such as Travelodge on improving employee happiness. Mike's vision and the vision of Better Happy is 'Every employee happy, every business thriving'

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