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The Nick Elston Show - Founder Mike has an in depth chat with mental health speaker Nick Elston

Text taken from Nick's Youtube Post


Hey everyone and welcome to The Nick Elston Show - sponsored by Forging People! Nick Elston is a leading Inspirational Speaker, creator of Award Winning Mental Health Engagement, a Transformational Speaking Coach & Founder of Forging People - empowering, inspiring and educating people to step up, find their voice & truly be heard in life, in education, in leadership, in influencing & in business.

The Nick Elston Show brings you the people who inspire, motivate, educate & engage in all walks of life - sharing their insights & experiences honestly, unfiltered & off script!

This week, in the 17th & final episode of Season 4, Nick speaks with the fantastic Mike Jones - Founder of Better Happy!

Themes we cover in this episode;

- Mike’s journey from disillusioned youth to the military service.

- The surprising but real reason why Mike left the army.

- Living in Thailand, Nepal & the East & the lessons learned.

- Mike’s definition of what it is to be ‘happy’ & how it may differ from your definition.

- A very open discussion around Anxiety, Depression, Counselling & Psychology.

- The ‘why’ & ‘how’ of Better Happy.

- COVID, lockdown, burnout & the struggles over the past couple of years.

- The problem of perspective around Mental Health, Wellbeing & Wellness.

- How businesses can be the solution to changing culture around Wellbeing.

All of this, plus Worcestershire Sauce (!), the brain, Afghanistan, ‘fluffy’ stuff + lots more along the way - a BIG, powerful episode!

Please do check out & follow/subscribe/connect with Mike;

The Nick Elston Show is available via YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music & most podcast platforms. You can reach out to Nick & his team at In the meantime, please stay tuned for upcoming episodes of The Nick Elston Show by hitting subscribe, show the love by hitting ‘like’ - Nick has more amazing guests coming your way very soon - Season 5 launches in September 2022! If you have been affected by any of the themes covered in the show, please go to for trusted organisations & support. A BIG thanks & shout-out to our sponsors - Forging People ( - Transformation Through Speaking!

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