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Proactive Goal Setting: Moving Beyond Reactive Well-Being in the Workplace

In this video, we discuss how to move away from reactive goal setting and towards proactive goal setting in order to create a workplace where people thrive, are resilient, and are proud to work. Learn the key to creating a positive and successful workplace through better well-being and health management.

Transcript from video

One of the biggest mindset shifts that we need to go through in our approach to better health and well-being in the workplace is moving away from reactive goal setting towards proactive goal setting. And what I mean by that is that in the workplace, all we're focusing on is not having poor physical health and not having poor mental health. That's a reactive goal. And the problem with reactive goals is they're temporary.

So if we go to a physical example, if I decide that I don't want a bad back, all I'm gonna focus on is removing that bad back and the state that brings me back to isn't particularly positive. It's just I now don't have a bad back. That's not a very positive thing. It's not a very exciting thing. I've just moved away from pain, And the same is true with well-being in the workplace. Lots of businesses are trying to focus on making sure there's no poor mental health and people aren't suffering from excess stress for what they're not focusing on, and this is the major error how do we increase positive mental health in the workplace?

How do we help people be healthier? in the workplace. And that's something to get excited about, and that's something that's gonna create a culture that people enjoy, that people are proud of, and that has excellent levels of while being resilient, positivity, and is a positive place to work. So when you're thinking about being in the workplace, ask yourself? Are we being reactive and just trying to remove bad things? Because even if we succeed in doing that, we still don't create a particularly great place to work. Or are we being proactive and thinking about moving towards positive things? And if you're thinking about moving towards positive things, you'll actively create a workplace, that's a great place to work that people thrive in, that people want to stay in, and that attracts new talent easily and readily.


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Mike Jones Better Happy Founder

Mike founded Better Happy in 2018.

He now works with a variety of businesses ranging from small accountancies up to large organisations such as Travelodge on improving employee happiness. Mike's vision and the vision of Better Happy is 'Every employee happy, every business thriving'

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