Four lies small business owners must stop telling themselves to grow their business

Author: Mike Jones

Let's be honest, running a business is a never-ending list of problems.

Once you've solved a problem, there is will always be more waiting for your attention and the attention of your team.

The reason you get into business is to take on and tackle problems.Businessman and former politician Paul Marsden accurately put it:

"Business is all about solving people's problems - at a profit."

There is, however, one problem that is particularly hard to overcome.

This problem can be hard to spot.

This problem can significantly limit the growth of a business whilst sapping energy and enjoyment from the business at the same time.

This problem is the owner.

Business owners become a problem in their own businesses when they tell themselves and believe certain lies.

These lies turn the business owner into a bottleneck in the business.

They also make the business highly stressful to the owner because the business is bottlenecking at them, which puts immense pressure on them.

By recognising these common lies and seeing them for what they are, we can begin to free ourselves from them and find more joy in our businesses.

So what are these top 5 lies?

1 - My clients only want to work with me

You've built your business and a great team. But regardless of having a team, you still feel you are destined to do client-facing work for life because you tell yourself your clients want you.

Although you used to love (and still might) doing client-facing work, you can't do it forever.

As the business owner, your job is to lead and develop the team and business.

It's tough to do this when you are spending a lot of time delivering to clients.

Your clients may love and respect you, but here's the truth that our egos don't like to hear. They're not paying because they like you; they're paying for results.

And those results can be delivered by other people that you've trained.

You're going to be able to deliver better results for more people when you focus your time on developing your processes, team and business.

By telling yourself that your clients only want to work with you, you're:

  • Limiting the growth of your business,

  • Limiting the number of people you're business can help

  • Damaging the engagement of your team

  • You're enjoyment in business

  • Limiting your time for personal life and fun

2 - Noone can do it as well as me

It sounds very egotistical, but most business owners will tell themselves this statement multiple times. There is an element of truth to this statement. We are each unique, and we have a very particular way of doing things.

When we have built a successful business on our way of doing things, it can feel like an impossible task to find or train other people who will do things the way we do, the way we know works.

I've learned this lie also comes from deeper, often hidden thoughts of inadequacy or low self-esteem. Due to this, we develop a perfectionist mindset and fear of failure or letting others down.

The truth is we don't need to be perfect, and it's not only OK to make mistakes. It's actually how we learn.