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Employee Engagement & Employee Satisfaction - What's the Difference?

Author: Mike Jones

By improving employee engagement, we're likely to improve business performance and employee wellbeing.

When pursuing employee engagement, businesses can get sidetracked, focussing on employee satisfaction leading to lesser results.

Employee satisfaction is, as the name suggests, all about satisfying an employee.

The problem here is it's not done in the context of the business and the business needs.

Employee engagement is all about unlocking an employees potential so they can do their best work, play a valuable role in the business and feel good about themselves.

A businesses job isn't to satisfy employees. It's to develop them, to support them and help them unlock their value.

There are many ways to improve employee engagement, but one of the most powerful is through regular communication and check ins.

If you'd like to measure and or improve employee engagement in your business, head over to services and book a free consultation with us or take a free Better Happy scorecard below.

About Mike: Mike believes that a structured pathway to health and happiness is the solution to individual, business and global challenges. Mike was never made to feel good in the schooling system, experienced poor management in military and burn out in his first business. Seeing these problems were widespread Mike Co-Founded Better Happy to help other business owners and employees achieve their visions faster with health and happiness.

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