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Making Imposter Syndrome A Positive In Your Business

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Mike Jones Better Happy Founder

Enabling organisations and employees to achieve optimal engagement levels so they can make the world a better place

Whenever I run workshops with management teams we always discuss Imposter Syndrome (not feeling like we're good enough to do our jobs and might get found out at any point). Studies suggest that at least 70% of professionals (probably more realistically) suffer from Imposter Syndrome.

When I work with leaders and managers we explore what imposter syndrome is and how it's perfectly natural.

One of the most powerful moments we experience in group sessions is when I ask managers/leaders to share any personal experiences they have around imposter syndrome. After one person shares everyone does, this is powerful because it makes us realise that everybody thinks like this, that it's perfectly ok and natural to do so.

The key to addressing Imposter Syndrome lies in firstly recognising its existence and secondly accepting it, not trying to battle or wish it wasn't there.

You doubt yourself, that's normal, you're a human, but the voice telling you you're not good enough is irrational, so let it be there, but don't give it too much attention and don't let it hold you back from doing all you can do.

Simply having a conversation around this topic and helping your people realise that it's not just them that feel like this will pay dividends in future engagement and mental health improvements.


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