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Being a healthy entrepreneur is easy.. You're making it hard

Running a business is no walk in the park and only people that run businesses understand that.

To the outside world you’ve got it easy, you're your own boss, you work when you want and of course from the moment you opened your doors you were rolling in cash.

It can be hard work, but as every business minded person knows, it’s highly rewarding. We thrive off the challenge and we probably wouldn’t have it any other way. Conformity to the norm just doesn’t suit us.

Entrepreneurs/Business owners (in my opinion if you own a business you're an entrepreneur) are terrible at looking after themselves!

Our passion lies in making a difference, helping others and the success of our businesses. We pursue that with all our effort. It’s what makes us who we are and even if we wanted to, we could never change it (so good tip, don’t try).

So it’s pretty obvious to see why taking care of physical and mental health can slip. It's pretty obvious to see why so many entrepreneurs get their 30's/40's and starting noticing their health has slipped. It’s not at the top of the priority list and the laser focus we have means it’s way too easy to neglect the parts of our life that aren't at the very top of the list.

I know so many super successful entrepreneurs that are always physically and mentally on the edge of burnout.

Newsflash part one is, if you neglect yourself for too long it’s going to come to the detriment of everything else, looking after yourself is as important as working on your business to be successful long term.

Newsflash part two you can achieve great health whilst running a business and not only not take away from your business focus, but actively increase your business productivity and performance.

Your entrepreneurial mindset, your drive to get stuck into things and make things happen are an undeniable strength. It’s this mindset that makes you stand out, that helps you achieve what most people don’t, that makes dreams a reality....

But, without a little counterbalance, this mindset drives you to poor health and ultimately delivers the worst outcome possible for you... the hindrance of your ability to do what you love most.

Your entrepreneurial mind will also lead to you struggling with consistency in getting healthy because you’re going to try every quick fix new exciting solution in the world and they aren’t going to work for you (or anybody else).

But when you get it right, you’re going to increase your health, increase your energy, increase your health, improve your image and credibility whilst doing all the other crazy stuff you want to do.

You’re going to be able to be the way you are and get results in your personal and business life, for the rest of your life.

Like you do with your business, you’re going to have systems and processes for your health that you enjoy, that you trust in and that deliver you ongoing, measurable results across all areas of your life.

And…. you’re going to enjoy the process.

You’re going to have a massive mindset shift from believing that the way you are and running a business has to at the expense of your personal health to the way you are and running a business enables you to be healthier and happier and more fulfilled than most of the population.

If you feel like it’s a struggle, the way you are going about it now is wrong and no pre built formula is ever going to work for your unique needs.

We’ll teach you the process that fits to your life, your goals and works for you, for life. How? With a whole process that addresses and personalises everything to you. Just like businesses are a combination of systems working together, your health and happiness is the same. If you only ever worked on one area of your business, you know it wouldn’t work… well exactly the same is true for your health.

Understand the system, get all the parts working together and you’ll be the healthiest you’ve ever been without it feeling like an effort… not only this but you’ll maintain it for the rest of your life.

What does that system look like?... It looks like this, and it works.

1 - Self Awareness - Your business has core values and a brand. So do you. Know them and you know how to work in a way that you never run out of energy and passion - maximal productivity. Don’t know them, run the risk of doing too much yourself, diminishing your energy and productivity. We’ll also figure out what mental roadblocks you might have limiting your maximal performance in life and get them out of the way.

2 - Vision - Your business has a vision. It's that vision that gave you the drive to get it to where it is. So do you, for you. When you're clear on it you'll make it happen, without a doubt. The problem is you're more motivated by your business. Because you’re an entrepreneur you jump into action as soon as you’ve got the sniff of a vision in one area (usually business opportunities) and you blindside everything else. We’ll get you to take a breather, put as much clarity into your own vision as you do everything then we'll build the systems to get you there. Without this your always chasing someone else version of health, and it never sticks.

3 - Health - Most of us try to start here and it never sticks. Random fitness classes and diets are never going to work for you, just like trying to cut out drinking or a social life isn’t going to work for you. Being healthy isn’t that hard or extreme, you just need a system to follow that fits in your life. A system that is appropriate to you and that is enjoyable. Your self awareness and vision are the key foundations to this. Once you have them and the systems, you’ll make it a habit without much effort. Once it’s a habit, it sticks with you for life... and it's worth re-iterating, it's not hard.

When you’ve got all of the above, which really isn’t that difficult, you’ll be in the best place you’ve ever been. You’ll be free to enjoy time for yourself and with your family without feeling guilty about not working on your business. On the flip side you’ll only do the work you’re made to enjoy that energises you and you won't feel guilty about working too much because you've got everything else accounted for.You’ll see problems as opportunities and most importantly, you’ll be constantly getting into the best shape of your life. Getting older will no longer feel like a reason to slow down.

The world needs entrepreneurs. There’s a lot of problems in the world and the only people with the skillset to bring the solutions to those problems to life are entrepreneurs, but you’re no use to anyone if you’re burnt out, unhealthy and cutting your life 10 years short.

So implement the same methodology into your health that you do to your business so you can keep doing what you do best and be rewarded for it with health, happiness and longevity as well as business satisfaction.

So, if you want to start improving your health for life, have an abundance of energy, productivity and clarit

y jump on a call with me or drop me a message and we'll see if you're the right fit for our coaching, community and program.

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About Mike

Mike Jones is the ex-owner of functional training gym, ex-military intelligence analyst and avid student of philosophy/psychology. Mike helps people optimise health and performance long term so they can live their lives with clarity, confidence and consistency.

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