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How To Eliminate Bad Backs At Work

Video Transcription - How To Eliminate Bad Backs At Work

Hi there, it's Neil Cleaver, co-founder of Better Happy and what I'd like to talk about today is how we can help you as a small business owner or team leader to quickly take the steps to eliminate employee backpain in just 1 week.

So right now, if you feel like the cost of employee back pain is starting to add up and that you haven't go any effective tools to overcome this problem, then you're going to want to get to a place where you've got some simple, affordable and effective solutions available and that's why this video will be of interest to you.

Imagine if you could equip your employees with the knowledge and the tools needed to take control of their own back pain all within a simple framework of just 10 minutes a day at their desk, no expensive gym, no expensive ergonomic chairs or spring loaded desks no need for lengthy interruptions to the working day. Just pain free happy productive employees, all up and running within your business, within 1 week.

I'm talking about the 1 week mobility component of our transformational 90 day employee motivation master system which is shown here. We use mobility in order to target employee musculoskeletal pain. Why mobility I hear you cry? Well mobility underpins everything that we as individuals do. Long days sitting working hard at the computer causes adaptation in the muscles in your body which reduces mobility. It's this lack of mobility that ultimately leads to problems and pain. The good news is that understanding this fact opens the door to simple 10 minute routines done daily that can offset a full day of working hard at your computer and avoid the inevitable pains.

As a 20 year small business owner myself I have been in the situation of having a key member of staff struggling with back pain and at times absent. I watched them take pain killers and become upset, I consulted with them, I even purchased a back pain chair. I've offered to pay for physiotherapy. As a business owner I felt frustrated and powerless to help whilst watching the rest of my small team work really hard to try and pick up the extra workload this back pain issue caused. If I had understood the part that mobility plays in this common scenario and had access to the employee motivation master system and it's movement resources to tackle their back pain 10 years ago, I could have given my team member some hope to a clear path way to pain free living. My team member would have been happier, healthier, I'd have felt happier, my business would have thrived and it would have cost a fraction of what I spent on that orthopaedic chair.

So if you're concerned about employee back pain and it's costs are starting to add up for you, you've got a choice. You can continue to absorb the cost of the absence through employee back pain. You can throw money at the problem and like me buy an expensive chair to try and alleviate the symptoms or you can empower your people to take control of back pain and live pain free for the rest of their lives.

So if you haven't already seen this, we have a downloadable movement resource outlining the simple steps that you can take to help your people assess and improve their mobility and start down the road of becoming pain free, happier and more productive.

If you've been wrestling with the impact of employee back pain for a little while now you've tried a few things, they haven't worked and you feel ready to get some help then it's time for you to get on with the day job and it's time for you to give us a call you can book a call with us below our mobility workshop and indeed the entire motivation roadmap will put you in a place where through implanting the proven system that works, you don't need to think about this stuff again free up your time, save money, reduce stress and install a wellbeing culture that you can be proud of hope to hear from you soon

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About The Author - Neil Cleaver

Neil has been running small businesses that help big businesses for over 25 years. A passionate people person and strong believer, Neil helps businesses, teams and individuals unlock their potential and thrive. The insights & support Neil brings to any team always create lasting results.

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