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Employees Don't Want Perks

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Transcript below

You're right. It's so obvious. It's what's the quickest way

that I can show that I care about employees.

How can I do this? It's going to take no time.

No effort, but I can then say look,

we know we've done this is excellent. But yes,

you'd be far better off spending that money on things that people actually want.

Yeah and you know, maybe people don't actually enjoy perks.

I mean, people can go out for a run. They can go out for a walk.

They can join a gym, they can buy their own equipment,

etc. Etc. Buy their own banana,

Buy their own bananas, if they want to maybe they don't like bananas.

Maybe they won't be Guam or something new.

So maybe they want that money invested in,

you know, tools to do the job better. Perhaps that's

what they would prefer, an investment in the flexibility of work,

maybe rather than spending a million pounds on the gym,

memberships. They would prefer the focus to be on,

you know, an app to enable them to work from anywhere successfully,

so they can drop their kids off at school. They can walk the dog at lunchtime.

They can pick their kids up from school. That's right.

So they can do that. I would be willing to bet

A lot of people would prefer to have that flexibility to

control their lives rather than this forced,

One-size-fits-all not getting at gym, memberships, of course, gym

memberships are great. People should be happy and healthy and things like that,

but you know, everybody wants them.

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