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“We help Event Organisers to deliver enjoyable, team
health and wellbeing workshops to delight their colleagues

and empower their teams

to thrive."


Mike Jones, Neil Cleaver & Laura Jeffreys


Wellbeing Workshops


Forget fitness, it's time to focus on moving well to enjoy life and avoid the aches and pains caused by remote working. Shoulder, back and knee pain is all tackled with easy to follow steps


Good nutrition doesn't have to be hard. We'll show you how to make the right choices and eat well without breaking the bank or spending ages preparing food. Includes interactive team games.


Identify your sleep types with our easy to use tools and optimise your team to feel fresher and be more productive for longer at work and play.


Put things into perspective and cope with stress more effectively with a blend of mindfulness and easy to use exercises that you can use again and again to thrive.

All Workshops
Include A
30 Day Team 
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Part of the Team Wellbeing Workshop Series

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know that making decisions can be difficult when running businesses & teams... but we also know there's nothing more Important to your Organisation than your People.


So we want to make this decision easy for you. If you don't feel 100% satisfied in your experience of working with us... or don't feel that you've measurably improved in the areas below, we'll refund you with NO HASSLE

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Let's Make The Right Decision Easy For You

Luke Cotterill


"Mike and Neil gave our team the confidence to be healthy and try new methods of achieving a healthy balanced lifestyle, in our office and personal environments."

Ruth Bourne

Naric UK

"Delivered with passion and knowledge, excellent materials, holistic and extensive. Better Happy are as passionate as they are knowledgeable."

Sarah Titherington


"I thought the workshops were brilliant.

In my opinion, the guys delivered everything at the right level and managed to engage with everyone. We all thoroughly enjoyed the process."


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