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Virtual Workshop

Inspire and educate your team on how they can supercharge their health and productivity. 

Your Workshop Hosts

Our approach to health is brought to life for you by Better Happy Directors, Neil Cleaver & Mike Jones.


Neil Cleaver

Co-Founder Better Happy. Team Development specialist & health lover.


Mike Jones

Co-Founder Better Happy. Health professional + Happiness educator.

The Agenda



New health challenges = opportunities

Want to change your teams outlook on health, for life? This is for you.

It's one hell of an adventure:

  • understand how your brain functions

  • identify your goals

  • learn how to improve your movement and mobility

Bring your notepads, some energy, and an open mind!

By the end of this workshop you'll know how to take care of your health long term, and how to function as a healthier & happier team.


How to Thrive

Systematic approach to allow anyone to thrive.


It Starts With You

Self awareness and vision is the essential first step in long term wellbeing.


Health Quadrant

How to approach exercise, nutrition, stress management & sleep in a relevant, realistic, and rewarding way.


Systems = Solutions

How to put everything you've learnt into practice.



We'll answer as many questions as we can so have them ready.

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We're running these FREE workshops from Monday 26th - Friday 30th.
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Stop Losing Time & Money...

The biggest drain on time is poor health, in 60 minutes we'll show you how to:

- increase performance

- increase confidence

- improve time management

- increase engagement 

- increase team morale

- increase team retention

- improve employee attractability offer

- significantly reduce sick days

Get ahead of the curve with this eye opening free workshop.

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