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How To Improve Employee Retention & Motivation Levels

Understand why you and your team are struggling then learn how to fix the problem to grow your business and feel happier.


40 Minutes

Here Are The Training Outcomes...


Understand The Problem

Understand why you and your team seem to be struggling at the moment despite your business growing and you all being good at your jobs.


Know How To Fix It

Access 5, simple, free steps that you can take to supercharge your employee experience, make your life easier and take your team and business to the next level.


Retain Motivated Staff

Enjoy the personal freedom and commercial benefits that comes from a sustainably motivated and highly productive team that sticks around long term.

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I have now used Better Happy for two very different clients that I am working with. They have both loved it and found Mike informative, inspiring and brilliant at understanding them and what they need to do to develop their teams. Highly recommended.

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Mark Copsey

Director & Founder

Redkite Innovations

What's Included...


Engagement Tools 


Wellbeing Insights

How to make employee health a valuable asset to your small business not a headache. How to address bad backs, nutrition, fatigue and stress

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Expert Coaching

Detailed advice on how to use engagement and wellbeing to retain your staff and boost employee motivation levels long term.

Training in our powerful suite of small business, employee engagement tools. From communicating strategy to coaching staff.

Part Of The Full Better Happy System For Small Businesses



Having a communicated business strategy frees up owners and empowers employees



The right systems support healthy, happy, engaged employees and owners on autopilot



The number one reason employees leave their jobs is their manager, but not if they're coaches



We'll make health a competitive asset in your business instead of a challenge like it is in others


Owner Care

Helping owners become optimal leaders instead of overworked, stressed and burnt out

"In this training video I'll take you through 5 simple tips to improve employee retention and motivation levels in your small business without spending a penny

Mike Jones - Better Happy Co Founder

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