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Fun and Interactive Movement Based Wellbeing Workshops

Born For Movement Workshops

Born for Movement Workshops support organisations committed to investing in their talent and nurturing healthy, happy and productive employee teams.


Guided by professional facilitators, these 1 to 2 hour, in-house or virtual movement sessions equip your staff with the tools to overcome common health and mental wellbeing problems specifically physical pain, low immunity and low self confidence, for life.


Delivered in one day or split across several smaller sessions our Born for Movement Workshops enable your people to get away from their workstations or vehicles (perhaps before lunch or after work) and get moving in a fun and interactive way.


From the 20-something gym buddy to the less active older worker, all fitness levels are accommodated and participant surveys and wellbeing reports are included.


What’s more, because participants wear their normal clothing (perhaps a tie may be taken off or high heels left at the side of the room), there’s no need for expensive Lycra or changing room facilities. 


They’re an unmatched way to boost health and productivity for life.


Our Experts will energise, educate and engage your People with a range of live or virtual Functional Movement Workshops. 


We'll equip your Organisation for health and wellbeing success with our Metta Movement Stations at  a fraction of the cost of a gym membership.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is a habit.

We offer ongoing employee support  and fun challenges both face to face and via a mobile app.

Organisational Benefits

  • Fewer staff sick days

  • Improved employee morale and engagement

  • Improved employee productivity​

  • A healthier, more inclusive culture

  • Low cost / high return investment

  • Reduced exposure to the impact of COVID19


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