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Movement Stations

These in-house, ‘move and stretch’ fitness stations enable organisations to deliver their corporate wellbeing policy in a realistic, affordable and sustainable way. 


Typically created in a spare office or room; a welcoming, safe and easy to maintain environment is created which enables all employees to maintain (or begin) their health journey.


Supervision of users is not required and with bespoke design and installation, they’re an accessible and low-cost alternative to expensive gym membership.


Movement Stations typically accommodate stretch bands (to train tired and tight muscles), stability supports (for gentle squats, getting hips and legs moving) and ‘non-weight weights’ that users can lift and move – and much more.


Normal clothing is worn and with just 10 to 20 minutes of use, by each individual, per day, a positive feel-good factor is generated, making a huge difference to personal mental and physical health.

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Our Experts will energise, educate and engage your People with a range of live or virtual Functional Movement Workshops. 


We'll equip your Organisation for health and wellbeing success with our Metta Movement Stations at  a fraction of the cost of a gym membership.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is a habit.

We offer ongoing employee support  and fun challenges both face to face and via a mobile app.

Organisational Benefits

  • Fewer staff sick days

  • Improved employee morale and engagement

  • Improved employee productivity​

  • A healthier, more inclusive culture

  • Low cost / high return investment

  • Reduced exposure to the impact of COVID19

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