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We Make It Easy For You To Sustainably Increase The Motivation, Engagement And Retainment Of Your

Talent Whilst FREEING Up Your Time

So You Can Achieve Your Goals.

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Our Solutions

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People Insights

Business Report 

Find out exactly what's going on with your people and better plan your next steps.

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Our Full A to B Engagement & Wellbeing Solution Delivered Live

90 Minute Virtual / Live Sessions x 1 per Week x 12 Weeks + Full Time Support


Service Menu

Choose From Our Full Service Or Single Workshops Delivered Live With Measurable Systems.  

Full Signature Solution Roadmap

Transform your Organisation & Workforce & move towards an average of 3 x more yearly revenue than your competitors. 

This 12 week One Of A Kind Program is delivered live to you and your People and is accompanied with full time support.

By the end of this program you'll never worry about Employee Motivation, Engagement or Retention again.

An enjoyable process with long term, measurable and sustainable results, your People & Your Bottom Line will love you forever.

Identity Series (Phase 1 Stand Alone)

Get laser clear on Who You Are as an Organisation and who each of your people are. 

From reviewing your Organisational Core Values to Motivational Mapping of your team to Establishing Vision & Goals..

Our Identity Series is the foundation for success in any Organisation.

A truly transformational series of highly engaging workshops delivered by passionate professionals guaranteed to engage your people and grow your business.

Health Series (Phase 2 Stand Alone)

Our highly successful Health Series is now Online and delivered live. 

We'll show you and your people that being healthy, getting rid of joint pain & losing weight doesn't have to be hard.

You'll cover everything from fun team mobility and movement assessments to easy win Breakfasts to knowing your Sleep Profiles.

Lives and Businesses are being ruined by poor health, during an engaging and enjoyable series of group workshops we'll show you that this doesn't have to be the case.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know that making decisions can be difficult when running businesses & teams... but we also know there's nothing more Important to your Organisation than your People.


So we want to make this decision easy for you. If you don't feel 100% satisfied in your experience of working with us... or don't feel that you've measurably improved in the areas below, we'll refund you with NO HASSLE

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Let's Make The Right Decision Easy For You


Results & Benefits

Save Thousands, Grow 3 x Faster, Enjoy It More

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Money Talks

Organisations With Highly Motivated Employees Earn An Average Of 3 x More Revenue Per Year Than Those Without.

Engaged Employees Create Revenue = 2.5x More

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Stand Out

Only 1 in 12 Employees In The UK Are Highly Engaged In Their Work. Get Ahead Of The Game With Our Solutions.

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Reclaim Time Through Decreased Sick Days, Decreased Presenteeism And Empowered Employees Better Managing Themselves. 

Talent Attraction/Retention

Your Growth Minded Motivated Culture Attracts & Retains The Best Talent. People Want To Be A Part Of It.

Average Recruitment Bill = £3000

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Decreased Absenteeism

Creating A Positive Health Conscious Culture Of Open Communication Signficantly Reduces Sick Days.

20% Reduction in Avg 10 person Business = £3850

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Decreased Presenteeism

Presenteeism (Sickness Or Inability To Fully Function Whilst At Work) Costs More Than 3 x That of Absenteeism.

 20% Reduction in Avg 10 person Business = £3850

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Everything You Need

Everything about our services is designed for sustainable change in your Workplace.

You and your Team will get supporting resources to enable Long Term Habit Change in all areas of your lives as well as creating better environments.


Measurable Results

Take the guess work out of it.

You and your team will get lifetime access to our

Happiness Score so you can track the health

of Yourself and Your People.

Delivered With Purpose

Both Neil Cleaver & Mike Jones are experienced business owners and team leaders. They've been working with Organisations big and small for over 20 years and love nothing more than helping Organisations grow and measurably thrive through the transformation of their People.

We'd love to chat with you & hear more about your unique business, team & challenges.

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