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Become A Better Happy Certified Employer

Increase Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

Attract & Retain Talent

Stand Out As An Employer Of Choice

Create A Culture That Can Scale

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The Better Happy Certified Employer Process


1. Happiness Systems

Establish the basic systems to support owner & employee happiness


2. Survey Employees

Survey team at least every quarter to track employee happiness levels

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3. Get Certified

If you meet the requirements you'll be a Better Happy certified Employer


4. Shout It Out

Share your badge, earn recognition and stand out as a leading employer 


The Better Happy Standards

Support health, happiness and high performance in your business. Meet the standards then shout about it.

  • Provide all employees with access to basic health training

  • Establish all employees strengths and motivators

  • PDP coaching sessions with all employees at least quarterly 

  • Have a vision and mission statement communicated to all

  • Engagement Scores 65%+

  • Employee NPS of 7+ 

Standards are validated through surveying and valid for 6 months

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Benefits Of Being A Better Happy Certified Employer

Attract and Retain Talent

Job satisfaction is just as if not more important than pay. As a Better Happy certified Employer an attractive great place to work.

Business Performance

Healthy happy employees and owners get better work done in less time. They collaborate and innovate better whilst improving customer satisfaction levels.

Business Scalability

Being Better Happy certified means you have the systems and culture in place to support health, happiness and high performance without dependency on the owner.

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